4 Epic Ways to Enhance your Vehicle Signage in Melbourne

4 Epic Ways to Enhance your Vehicle Signage in Melbourne

Maybe your craftsmanship skills are excellent and you know you are an expert when it comes to signage designs. Clients may be happy with what you have to offer. However, you may not be attracting better type of clients that your business really needs. One of the biggest challenges that businesses make is focusing too much on the price, rather than quality. The main reason why businesses use signage is to achieve recognition and increase sales. But for you to achieve this, it is important that you invest in a perfect signage to help attract the right clients for the business. One of the best strategies you can use to attract more clients is coming up with a powerful, attractive signage design for your vehicle.

The best vehicle signage design should be able to turn heads every time the vehicle is spotted along the streets. It should be able to portray how valuable excellent signage is. What you need to know as a business owner is that vehicle advertising is more rewarding compared to other advertisement methods. In fact, research indicates that advertising your business using a vehicle can be compared to television advertising as far as results are concerned. This is because more than 90% of people you met along the streets will notice the signage and if the signage is quality, there is no doubt that a high percentage of them will be impressed. This will ultimately help you win more clients, increase sales leads and ensure that your business goals are met.

The good thing is that vehicle signage are very affordable and come in handy especially when you want to win more customers to the business. So how can you ensure that your vehicle signage is a customer magnet?


Limit your content

Texts play an important role when it comes to signage advertisements. But this does not mean that you have to include a lot of text information on your vehicle signage. Effective signage should be more of graphics compared to texts. In fact, the only texts that should appear on your signage should be the company name, the products/services you offer, tag line and contact information. This is because it only takes a few seconds for a customer to be attracted to your signage and when you use too much text information, your signage will turn out to be boring.

Place texts at the back

If you need to educate customers about the types of products or services you deal with, the best part to use should be at the back of the car. In this case, people are likely to read the information when they follow your vehicle from behind. The sides should only be left for the company contacts and logo.


Think color

If you are using more than one vehicle to market your business, it is important to maintain the same color on your fleet. This will make customers remember the company according to the color you use and it is also a cost-effective way when advertising the business.

Don’t skimp

When it comes to vehicle advertising, the car itself acts as your moving billboard. Considering that it is also an effective method to create business awareness, it is important that you highly invest in the signage. Make use of photographic images, and especially for your products. Also ensure that you maintain quality and durable signage. Remember that graphic expenses will only be incurred once, which means that you have to come up with a cost that equates to the number of years the vehicle will be in use.

7 must questions to ask any signage company in 2018

7 must questions to ask any signage company in 2018

One of the most important steps when it comes to business marketing is ordering a sign for the company. This means that the sign should be handled with a skilled and professional sign maker who is able to come up with quality signage. So even before placing the order, here are some of the top questions to need to ask the signage company professionals:

  1. Can I see your portfolio?

Most sign makes normally specialize in a specific type of sign. As much as the sign maker you hire can come up with the exact sign you need for the business, you stand a better chance if the professional has worked on a similar sign in the past. You can ask them about projects they have done before that are similar to yours to confirm if they are the best people to bring your idea into life. Who knows, you might as well come up with a better alternative that will be able to meet your needs and save on expenses too.


  1. Who handles the design work?

If you can’t come up with graphics for you sign, there is no need to panic. For a sign to be developed from scratch, skills, equipment and high level of talent is required, not forgetting the technical knowhow. This is the reason why professional sign makes have their own team of graphic designers to help clients convert their vision into a great signage design. You therefore need to ask the professionals if they offer graphic design services, and if the costs will be included in your fee.

  1. What programs can you work with?

Custom sign makers and graphic designers have several file formats that they use. Most of these formats are specific to particular graphic design programs. If you plan to have your own design, ensure that you are able to receive and provide information in a more compatible format.

  1. Do you provide proofs?

These are the final designs that should be approved before producing the sign. Most companies offer digital proofs free of charge but if you need it in hard cop form, you may incur a little extra cost.

  1. What is their final cost?

Just like any other services, there are also hidden charges in the labor, designs, or proofing fee and this can increase the amount you have to pay for the design. You therefore need to directly ask the professionals and ensure that their quote is inclusive of all the expenses for you to know the exact amount you have to pay for the services.


  1. When will the sign be complete?

Among the dangers you may encounter when coming up with the sign is cost overruns. But this is not the only challenge. Missed deadlines and delays can also make the whole process not only frustrating, but annoying too. It is important to ask in advance how long the project should take for the sign to be delivered and installed. This date should be in writing in case the professionals fail to keep their promise.

  1. What maintenance will the sign require?

We all have seen, not once, but several times, signs that have been affected by neglect, weathering and even rodents. This means that you need to understand how the sign should be taken care of to avoid such situations. It will also maintain the sign in a proper condition, no matter the weather condition and ensure that your investment is safe. Whether it is seasonal cleaning or replacing some parts of the sign, the professionals should communicate to you the most effective ways to maintain your sign.


An easy guide to promote your brand with a Melbourne signwriter

An easy guide to promote your brand with a Melbourne signwriter

There is no dispute that among the most effective ways to promote a business is through advertisements. So whatever type of products you are marketing, it is important to go an extra mile to come up with creative strategies that will win the hearts of prospective clients. Among the most rewarding marketing elements is signwriting. For you to come up with quality signs, you need to hire a skilled and professional signwriter for the task.


What are the benefits of hiring professional sign writing services?

One of the benefits that comes with hiring a professional signwriter is that you will achieve an outstanding, high quality signage. In this modern age, the business world is so competitive. It can take a hassle for you to attract, or even retain clients to your business. In such situation, the more creative your marketing skills are, the higher chances you will outdo your competitors and earn regular customers. This is where an expert sign writer will come in. Sign writers helps a company come up with creative sign graphics that will help attain their sales target not only for the month, but many years to come.

Whether your goal is to attract more people in your target group or increase your sales leads, professional sign writing services will compose your signage in the most effective way. By utilizing technology and using enticing words to attract potential customers in purchasing your products/services. The company will come up with appropriate design, proper mix of color and graphics that are appealing to customers. The most positive thing is that the professional sign writers are very affordable. By spending the little amount on a signwriter, you will be guaranteed of more and more customers purchasing your products and increase the business profit in the long run.

But to achieve the best results out of signwriting service, it is important that you take our time to come up with a professional and qualified signwriter who can guarantee you best results. You obviously can’t expect positive outcomes if you decide to hire any signwriter from the streets. Rather, you need to select the right professionals to ensure that the company goals are met. To know that you are hiring the right people, there are a series of questions you need to come up with:

  • What is the company’s reputation?
  • Have they offered the same services as yours in the past?
  • What are their past clients reviews
  • How much do they cost?

When it comes to the cost, most companies would want to hire a signwriter with the lowest rates. But what you need to know is that companies that offer their services at lower rates may not necessarily be the best. This can be related to purchasing vegetables in the market. The more green and fresh the vegetables are, the higher the price will be, and vice versa. Companies that offer low prices means that they either do not have customers, or they offer poor services. You also need to go through the past work done by the company and find out if it was done according to clients requirements. Negotiating with the signwriter will ensure that you are offered with quality services at affordable rates.


With the above explanations, it is obvious that effective signage plays an important role in a business marketing plan. More customers to the business and increased sales are some of the advantages that comes with proper signage. You therefore need to invest in hiring the right sign writer to ensure your business prosperity and stand out from the competitive business environment.



How to make your business signage stand out from your competitors

How to make your business signage stand out from your competitors

Let’s face the truth, customers all over the world are normally bombarded with banners are billboards whenever a new product/service is introduced. But what exactly attracts the customers to those adverts? The business world is becoming competitive day by day and if you do not come up with creative strategies for your signage, you might as well be losing out of a great investment opportunity.

Among the most effective ways to win the hearts of new clients is by use of signage, but the more unique the signage is the better chances of achieving success as far as your business advertisement is concerned. The following tips will not only advice you of the benefits of having a business signage, but will also guide you on how to come up with unique signage to help you stand out from the competition.

Be bold with design

This does not mean that you come up with weird designs for your signage. For you to achieve a bold’ signage, it is important to seek the services of a designer who can help you come up with 3D imaging. This will ensure that the signage does not sit flat on a board. Such additions will go a long way in making your signage stand out from the crowd without either the message or image of your company being left out. Using bold and bright colored imagery attract attention to your signage.

Use simple words

As much as texts play an important role in a signage, it is important to note that not everyone has all the time in the world to read the signage for minutes. In fact, the best signage should take a potential customer less than five minutes to read and understand the message. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep your texts not only short and appealing, but also simple and straight to the point. Being creative with your words can as well reward you with a bunch of new customers.

Be aware of other signs

If you happen to place your sign in a position where there are other signs, even if they are not in direct competition with your business, there are higher chances that your sign will go unnoticed. In such situation, you need to make your stand a bit bigger and higher from the rest. You can talk to your signage designer about how you can improve the sign in terms of color, size and as mentioned, having 3D inclusions.

Be careful of placement

When coming up with a signage you also need to know that the positioning matters a great deal. You need to consider the time when the signage can be seen by a lot of people. If the signage faces east, chances are that it will end up being blocked by the morning rays. It is therefore advisable to first find out the people you want to attract. If for instance you are operating a restaurant business, the sign will need extra lighting, and will be more effective at sunset. For you to achieve desirable results, the best position to place your sign need to be considered. No matter how profession or beautiful the signage is, if it is placed behind a tree or building where few people can see it, be sure of no added leads coming your way.

Use of signage is among the most rewarding ways to market your business, but only if you pay attention to the little details. This will increase your signage visibility and make your business stand out.



4 Successful Signage Ideas that Work for Small Businesses

4 successful signage ideas that work for small businesses

Starting up and establishing a business is tough. The initial capital required, rental expenses and payment of employees can give you sleepless nights. Attracting customers to the business can be even more challenging. But with the right marketing and branding strategies, you will experience a return on investment in no time. One way to achieve this is by use of signage. Creative signage ideas help to market a business by grabbing the attention of more customers.

What is signage?

Have you ever felt like a sign is specifically speaking to you, or have you ever registered for product updates after a mere glance at a sign, and isn’t that amazing? Signage is among the most useful tools for visual representations. By implementing the signage principles and ideas, you will end up attracting more attention, and this will ultimately increase your customer base. But for you to achieve effective signage;

  • The sign should be readable for a distance
  • It should be visible
  • Must be well lit at night

Here are some of the most creative signage ideas to guarantee your small business success.


One of the top reasons why businesses use signs is for customers to understand the type of products they are dealing with. Actually, a good signage should only take customers less than 10 seconds to read and understand your message. To achieve this, you need to come up with an eye-catching strategy to help the sign attract more attention. For a 10 feet distance, the lettering height of your signage should be at least one foot. Having a clear description of your business will further assist in enhancing the signage visibility.

Signage readability

The font used for the signage content should be big enough for a person to read from a distance. Try as much as possible to manage the white space efficiently. The signage should be inclusive of more graphics and limited content. Signage graphics with bold contrasts will achieve more desirable results. You also need to decide the height to place your content. This will be convenient for people in high moving traffic to also read and have a clue of what the signage is all about. One important thing to note when coming up with a signage design is avoiding ‘Clutter since it can deliberately have a major impact on your signage.

What hides out the signage?

There is no point of spending huge amounts of money on a banner that is going to be hidden in bright lights or electrical wiring. The main reason for designing a banner is to grab the attention of passersby. This means that the banner should be both clear, and at a considerable height. It should also be placed in a visible place and must have all the components of a banner to be clearly visible.

Signage design

One of the major challenges that people face in signage design is coming up with the most appropriate size, and how to scale it. Considering the location where the signage will be placed, whether at an entrance, in the parking lot or rental boards, you can come up with the most appropriate size. But it is also important to note that the bigger the signage size the better the results. Larger signage is less complicated when it comes to reading, and you can be guaranteed of a wide range of customers.


Every small business owner would definitely want to come up with something that can achieve positive results for the business. This includes promoting their brand by achieving more visibility. When you are out of tips on how to market the business using signage, these ideas can come in handy. If you are planning to start your own business soon, the above signage ideologies can also help place your business at the top level.

Effective Brand Building with Shop Signage

Effective Brand Building with Shop Signage

If you want many people to know more about the type of business you are dealing with, you need to come up with different ways to market your enterprise. There are quite a number of actions you can implement to get more out of your marketing strategies. One of the most effective marketing strategies is branding. It is also among the most tangible ways for your business to gain competitive advantage through mindshare and recognition.

Why your business needs branding

Branding relates to a promise to your customers. When customers see your business logo, or any other thing specifically designed to represent the business, you obviously would want them to recognize your products or service quality. Let’s take coco cola for instance, what does the brand suggest immediately you pick a bottle of coke from the fridge? You, in no doubt, will be anxious to experience the fresh taste that the refreshment claims to offer.

Coca-cola is one of the top refreshment brands we currently have. In fact, no other business can achieve the reputation that Coca-Cola has developed for many years. However, hiring the right people will help you come up with a more rewarding branding for your business.


Are there are advantages of signage in branding

If you own a business, it is important to have a solid foundation to help build your brand. Having signage, including corflute signs and banner stands for brand promotion is one of the most significant decisions you can ever make. Having a business logo on the signage can be extremely useful. The Apple logo, for instance, is a small, stylish apple drawing. But due to its rich history and quality, it is categorized among the most recognized brands. Logos combine the company’s quality and culture into a single unique image that can stick in the minds of your customers forever. It is, in fact, a useful psychological method that can be implemented by both small and large corporations.

Uphold consistency

Do you want the business logo to be outstanding and memorable? If yes, you need to hire a company that has expertise in printing and marketing signage. Your business is important, and you can’t just hire anyone from the streets and entrust them with something of importance to you. Professionals with several years in the signage industry are the best people to handle the task. Consistency is also vital in brand marketing. Building a theme and translating it to tangible representations is what you need to consider. After having a look at the sign, what do you want people to remember about the business? How will they feel when they look at our company logo? Coming up with tangible information can come in handy since people will be able to see it every single day. Signage can help achieve this and depending on the material used; it can last for as long as you need it.

Keep it real

For customers to have lasting memories about your products, you need to keep it real. Your logo, tagline, and brand should portray precisely what you want to offer your customers.


For you to trigger your customer’s memories, it is recommended to come up with a simple signage design. Besides, everything should be kept tight and integrated. Since your logo and business name are the most important, you need to position them where customers can easily see.


Best ideas to build your construction business with branded banners

Best ideas to build your construction business with branded banners

When it comes to banner advertisements, you may notice that some of them are so attractive that they can stick to your memory for months. But there are also other banner types that may be completely forgotten, or you may not even remember setting eyes on them.

So how can you make your construction business banner attract attention? Here are some of the top ideas worth considering when designing a banner for your company.


Create a funny/amusing banner

Everyone will be attracted to a banner that makes them smile. Besides making your customers happy, the contents of the banner should also reflect the products/services offered by the company.

Fill-out-form banner

You can also come across banners that look exactly like forms to be filled .such banners normally leave potential customers glued to them. The reason being this is, probably, that people are always afraid of the unknown. Chances are that they will click on the banner to know the exact actions they are supposed to take, and the results of such actions. For instance, some banners will ask you to enter your zip code and find the best construction companies within your neighborhood.

Real bargain banner

Naturally, people are normally attracted to the best deals. Buying an affordable item will make you feel happy and satisfied. In the same way, web users also look for offers, which include reduced prices.

Though-stimulating banner

There is always some power to human curiosity. To some people, curiosity is way stronger that love, fear and other powerful feelings. As much as this is undisputable, coming up with banners that make potential customers curious can be very rewarding.

Rhetorical question banners

The use of rhetorical questions in banners is known to grab customers’ attention. You can implement this strategy when coming up with your construction business banner

Famous person banner

Word of advice, never use images of celebrities in your banners without their consent since you can fall into serious legal problems. However, you can make use of the images when holding an event, or business conferences to attract more attention to your banner.


Colours of the rainbow banner

You may have noticed that most banners come with bright colours-red, yellow, blue, etc. Such colours give life to the banner, making it more attractive.

Time pressure banner

You also may have observed, that you pay more attention to banners with sand clocks, countdowns or timings. The first time you start paying attention to the banner, you will realize that time has already elapsed with the clock back to zeros. Regardless, the idea can be very rewarding.

Faulty grammar banner

One advantages with these banner types is that they are memorable. Banners that speak nothing but improper English help achieve creativity, and that is exactly what you need to attract a couple more customers to the business.


From the above descriptions, most of the banners can be used to attract a customer’s attention since they are all unique enough to stand out from the crowd. It is however, important to note that coming up with creative banners take time and patience. You obviously don’t expect your construction business to grow overnight, but coming up with creative strategies for your banner will, in no doubt, achieve desirable results. If you have difficulties coming up with the best banners, use of search engines can come in handy. It is among the ways you can use to come up with good banners for your company.


5 Creative Ways to Promote Interior and Exterior Signage

5 Creative Ways to Promote Interior and Exterior Signage

Whether you want to establish a new business or increase the sales of an already existing one, designing an outstanding, professional interior and exterior signage will help achieve the best results as far as business marketing is concerned. The best signs are in a position to communicate who you are, identify the business and to help potential customers understand your business better. However, a lot of companies focus more on exterior signage and end up forgetting about reception and wayfinding signs. Here are some of the top interior and exterior signage ideas to help attract more customers to the business.

Outdoor signs

The main reason for having outdoor signage is for people to know who you are, your location and the type of products you are dealing with. For you to achieve the best out of outdoor signage, you need to take note of the viewing distance, sightlines, and the surrounding visual noise. If your office has very little front face facing a busy street, you can decide to use a projecting blade sign. When you place the blade signs at corners of the most active buildings, you will successfully attract the attention of busy passersby.


Reception signs

In any marketing strategy, the first impression talks a lot about the company. A reception sign can build a company’s reputation, especially when clients and potential customers visit the premises. Custom signage can especially be important in promoting your business brand. You can seek the services of a branding agency to incorporate your company logo on the reception sign and complement it with metal finishes. This is one of the ways you can achieve a striking first impression.

Wayfinding signs

The signs work better in large public buildings. This includes apartment buildings, hospitals, and restaurants. Wayfinding signs are used to direct people to destinations. If your company is located in a busy building inclusive of several offices, using wayfinding signs can come in handy. However, there are requirements that need to be met when using these signs. To achieve the best out of the wayfinding signs, you need to come up with signage that will not only meet the functional requirements but should also have a unique design.

Digital displays

At times, the business can find itself in a unique situation that will require them to come up with business signs. For instance, privacy is very important in an office. But if you happen to have interior walls made of large amounts of glass, then your business will not be visible to customers. Coming up with unique graphics for you walls will help market the business, without blocking the light. Additionally, you also need to create signage that tells your business story. This can be achieved by using engaging digital displays. You can have a combination of dynamic and static digital content for the story.


Dimensional signs

Dimension signs are rewarding when it comes to attracting customer’s attention. The signs are commonly used in displaying your company sign and logo on the office front. Other displays, including dimensional letters, can be backlit to give the sign a professional finishing. Some of the most known brands worldwide including Google and Apple incorporate the use of dimensional letters.

Floor graphics

When people are walking, and especially when visiting new places, they tend to watch where they are going, including the floor. This is the reason why floors offer a convenient platform to attract people to your business. Many companies make use of floors for directional signage. In this case, you need to incorporate arrows and use the business title.

Why Building Signage is Important for Small Businesses


If you are operating a business or planning to start one, one of the most important considerations to make is how to use signage to market the company. An attractive, creatively designed signage is known to help the business stand out from competitors. Recent research indicates that more customers are comfortable purchasing from a company that they have already heard of in the past. This means that outstanding signage signs are the best seed you can ever plant to guarantee you future sales. Whatever the stage of your business, signage has to be one of the most crucial elements in your marketing strategies for you to have a stronger, visual brand. There are several ways that the best signage ideas can help improve your business. This includes


Branding and visibility

As stated earlier, consumers prefer buying products from companies they have heard of compared to companies that are hardly known. Coming up with attractive signage will help exposes the business to consumers who can be your future customers, and help you build a stronger brand.



Signage helps differentiate the business from its competitors by enabling you to have a unique, original brand. The more outstanding your signage is, the more your business will attract customers. But this is as long as the signage portrays the company as unique and determined to offer the best. Rather than hiring a salesperson, signage acts as the business ambassador every single day.



Besides promoting the business, your signage will also have a functional role. This includes directing more customers to the business and inform them of an upcoming event or promotion to help improve customer experience.


What are the unique benefits of signage compared to other marketing forms?

If you have not yet decided on whether to invest in outstanding, professional signage or make changes to the already existing one. The following are some of the benefits you will get by having great signage compared to other marketing forms.


It is a cost effective marketing strategy

You may think that coming up with a signage is a costly move. But after the signage creation, there will be no further costs incurred, contrary to other marketing forms which need frequent updates and maintenance.

You also need to consider the number of people who will view your signage, compared to using other advertising methods. Considering the level of exposure and cost involves, it is, in no doubt, an investment worth making.

Signage works for weeks, months and lasts all year round, which is advantageous when compared to other advertising strategies that are known to run for a limited period. The business signage will always be up, attracting more and more customers every day.


Potential clients/customers are continuously exposed to your brand

When a customer sees your signage for the first time, they may not be convinced to purchase your products. But continuous exposure will help change their mind. If not, they are likely to recommend the product, service to other people. If your business has a physical location, then you should never underestimate the power of signage. Great signage will not only help build your brand, but it will also direct new customers to your business, and expose it to a broader market.



Signs are among the most important elements when marketing the business. Signage containing the business logo can especially help in brand reinforcement. You can also use signs to draw attention by conveying more information about your business. Signage effect is also continuous considering that it has a 24 hours visibility.