5 Little Known Ways To Make An Impact On Vehicle Signage

5 Little Known Ways To Make An Impact On Vehicle Signage


Nowadays, vehicle signage is one of the most effective ways to improve the marketing campaign of your business. You can learn all you need to know about this type of signage in order to apply it for the benefit of your business or you can hire a team of specialists such as the Vinage Customs team and allow them to bring your brand where it deserves to be. Here are 5 of the best secrets when it comes to making an impact through vehicle signage!


  1. Make sure your brand’s name is written in a catchy way.

    The most important thing that you need to include on a vehicle signage is the name of your company. Make sure this name is written bigger than the rest of the text and that everyone can easily notice it as you are driving by. This is a great occasion to make your brand known to the public, as long as you write the name of it catchy enough.

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  2. Include all the contact information.

    We can’t stress enough how important it is to include contact information in your vehicle signage. Assuming you get the attention that you want from the public, you also need to make sure that you can be reached. Which is why writing your address, email address, phone number and website is crucial for your success. You can also add the social networks that you are present and active on as well.

  3. Don’t forget about the slogan!

    Many brands reach the ultimate success to an inspired and original slogan. If you have a slogan that you think your potential clients will love, don’t forget to add it to your vehicle signage. You will be amazed to discover that some people will remember your slogan even more than your brand’s name.

  4. Use the colours that represent your company.

    Use attractive colours that go well together when you put together a vehicle signage. Try to make them easy to be noticed but also easy to read the text that they present. Colours will primarily attract attention so you want to choose them wisely. And if you are going for a black and white signage, try to compensate for the lack of colours with an interesting fond or attractive writing style. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your goal is to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

  5. Add a mascot.

    Many companies have at least one mascot to represent them. This can be a cartoon character, an animal or simply a character that you made up along with your team. People love mascots and they are able to relate to them in a personal way, better than with a brand’s name itself. Create a cute mascot that blends in perfectly with the concepts and values of your company and gives it as much life as you can through all your signage strategies. This can be a life changer for your company and the campaign you put together to promote it.


With these secrets in mind, you can’t fail at putting together a good vehicle signage strategy. And if you hire professionals as well, you will only get more benefits as a team of specialists will add to these strategies and make sure you enjoy plenty of other advantages. Your vehicle signage campaign is part of your success and you shouldn’t neglect its power. It can bring you incredible results in a matter of days as long as you include all the needed information in your signs!

14 Awesome Signs and Designs You’ll Want to Bookmark

14 Awesome Signs and Designs You’ll Want to Bookmark

There are certain strategies and rules, you want to follow when it comes to creating a high-quality design and sign that will attract the public’s attention. But some are more popular and efficient than others. At Vinage Customs, we know just how to make you fall in love with the signs we create for you. And you can have your own design to reach the brand awareness that you want as well. So here are the 14 signs and designs that we are proud to show you and invite you to contemplate!


  1. Building signs

These signs are placed on buildings and they tend to be the most visible ones. It also depends on the size of the building as well as the size of the sign and where the building is located. But if the circumstances are right, you should definitely consider these types of signage strategies!


  1. Car signs

Car signs have the super power of reaching an impressive amount of people all over town. Since you will drive your company cars to take care of different affairs, you can simply add a sign on your vehicle and advertise your brand at the same time. Easy said and in this case, easily done too!

  1. T-shirt design

Similar to car signs, t-shirt signs are also very popular thanks to their potential of getting to many potential clients at once. Simply wear your favourite shirt with your brand sign on it. At Vinage Customs we can give you creative ideas when it comes to the design of these t-shirts as well.

  1. Street banners

Your banner could be placed in one of the most populated streets in town to ensure you an increased level of popularity and therefore, more professional success. And you can achieve this in a short period of time! This is one of the most popular signage campaigns!


  1. Entrance signs

Entrance signs are usually placed at the entrance of certain buildings. You can use them in the main office of your company and let people know the quality of your products right from the start.


  1. Informative signs

Just how their name suggests, informative signs have the role to let your potential clients know the basics of your company. You can add your contact information, your main products and services and suggest your prices. This will help people decide fast if you are the right choice for them.


  1. Contact signs

There are signs that regard only the contact information and the name of the brand. Such signs are more common on cars because people can read them fast in traffic and retain the information just as fast. So, any brand should have a set of such signs with their logo and slogan on it.


  1. Products signs

Certain signs only advertise the products of a company and they are very effective as well. If your company has a wide range of products, you will not be able to make a sign with them all but stick to the newest ones!


  1. Services signs

If you offer services as well as products or just services, you need a sign to inform people about it. Make it simple and place it in strategic areas where your target audience might be more present.


  1. Interior signs

Some signs are made to be placed inside the buildings. You can use these signs to advertise your brand on the hallways of your company so people can be aware of the quality of it while they are waiting to talk to someone from your company.


  1. Special occasion signs

If you are planning to celebrate your brand’s anniversary for instance, as well as any other occasion, you need one of these signs. Let people know about your way to celebrate such moments and invite them to be part of it by checking out your services or products.


  1. Opening signs

Are you opening a new store, office or are you breaking into a new city or country? If that’s the case, you need one of the supreme quality opening signs! This will inform people about your new location way before it is up and running so you can expect to have clients from the first day!


  1. Direction signs

Another helpful sign that you can incorporate into your signage campaign is a direction sign. Such signs should be placed in town around your office’s location to help people find your address faster and easier. Indicate how much more they have to walk to get to you or how to make it by taking the shortest way.


  1. Special offers signs

All brands have a set of special offers, or so they should! If that’s the case, you know how much clients love special offers and prices so you need to let them know about yours so they can benefit from it.


These types of signs are suitable for almost any company which is why you should consider making them part of your campaign! Try to stay on top of the market by creating high-quality signage and reach the success you aim for!

Signage Success: 6 Inspiring Brands Who Just Get It

Signage Success: 6 Inspiring Brands Who Just Get It

Signage is maybe the most important strategy when it comes to a well-done PR campaign. The sign of your business will be the first thing your clients will notice and it has to be made in such a way to attract attention. Even if the rules for a good signage strategy are all over the place, some brands still get the basics more than others. Here are six of these brands who get the art of signage and make the most out of it!


  1. Brandy Construction

Brandy Construction mastered the art of signage to its finest and the results didn’t delay to appear. They are a brand with a respectable history that never disappointed its clients. Their signage campaign is meeting the highest standards under the guidance of Vinage Customs. Thanks to their signs and marketing campaign you will find out everything you need to know about their services but also the best ways to get in contact with them. Because their signage campaign definitely meets the efficient strategy of the market.


  1. Belgravia Apartments

You will find professional banners with Belgravia Apartments all over the Internet but also in the most strategic locations in the big cities. That is because Belgravia Apartments has a successful signage campaign that increases their visibility in the optimised areas. Clients are kept up to date with their best offers and promotions thanks to all the banners and they offer the exact information that future customers might need to reach them. These are the main goals that a successful signage campaign should always reach for.


  1. Granvue

Another great example of a high-quality signage strategy is the one promoted by Granvue. You will find out about their designs, building offers and landscape arrangements by simply gazing at one of their informative signs. These signs are strategically placed in highly circulated places and they are very successful when it comes to attracting the right potential clients. Chances are that even if you don’t need a home design service, you will get tempted to start such a project when you see the offers that these guys have for you.


  1. Schiavello

When it comes to construction companies, a signage campaign can definitely be the difference between success and failure. Schiavello is one of the top companies that offer construction services and they definitely understand the power of signage. Which is why you will see them online and offline, in those catchy banners and signs that guide you towards their best promotions and services. And through their signage strategy, you will be more than tempted to contact them and finish that construction project you always had in mind!

  1. Kane Construction

Kane Construction is one of those brands that respect their customers and they do their best to attract new ones with every marketing step they take. Which is why you will see interesting signs about them and you will be attracted to contact them and rely on their services. When it comes to constructions, promotions are everything and they couldn’t be done without signage. Kane Construction is always a good example in this respect and they will offer you a chance to get an idea about how such a campaign should look like.

  1. Vic Plumbing

Plumbing services should be advertised correctly to reach the right type of clients. Vic Plumbing mastered this type of marketing through high-quality signage campaigns and they reached the results they wanted in a short time. By using informative signs and banners in places where potential clients could be reached, Vic Plumbing achieved the objectives they wanted to achieve in a matter of weeks after setting up their signage campaign and they keep growing through this ever since.


All these brands that can inspire your signage campaign as well, collaborated with Vinage Customs. When you are selling a quality service or product all you need to do is advertise it well so people will know about it and access it as soon as possible. This is why having a professional signage strategy is essential for your success!

9 Signage Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Rookie

9 Signage Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Rookie

No one wants to look like an amateur when they advertise their company or brand. And the first hint regarding the quality of your products and services is the quality of your signage! Here are the most common signage mistakes you can make when creating a new advertising sign!



  1. You choose the wrong location

The location of your sign is essential because first of all, your sign needs to be visible. It also needs to reach a large number of people in order to be efficient. Try to find a location that is highly circulated by people that might be interested in your company!


  1. Too much information on your sign

You need to put vital information on your sign but too much information can work against you. Stick to the basics such as your contact information, your top products and slogan.


  1. You don’t add your contact information clearly

And speaking of information added on your website, keep in mind that your contact information needs to be clear so everyone can reach you. Add your website, email address and phone number so you provide your clients with a variety of options if they want to get in touch!


  1. You don’t have an attractive design

The design of your sign is very important. As a matter of fact, this is the first thing your clients will see before they even start reading its content. So, make sure you get their attention by having an interesting design that also sparks their curiosity!


  1. You are improvising

A sign is part of a promotion campaign and it should follow its rules and message. Don’t improvise if you are not sure how to send the right message through your sign because you might create a chaotic advertisement that will give you the opposite effect of what you are going for.


  1. The sign is too small or too big

The size of your sign is just as important as the location you put it at. It has to be easy to read from a decent distance that is why you should consider its ray of visibility before setting it up.


  1. You use a complicated writing style

We are all attracted by an interesting writing found but that doesn’t mean we should use it everywhere. When it comes to signs, your writing style should be simple and easy to read by everyone if you want to be popular.


  1. You are missing the slogan or logo

Never forget to add your slogan and your logo on your sign. These two details set you apart from any other brand that might offer the same products and services. It helps your potential clients remember you easier and come back to you when they need.


  1. The wrong type of contrast

To make your sign easy to read and increase its visibility, pay attention to contrast. Too much contrast can make it bothering to the eye while to little contrast can make it hard to read and even hard to observe. The contrast is something a signage company will always pay attention to since it is such an important detail!


By avoiding these 9 mistakes, you can be sure that your sign has a fair chance of advertising your brand and company properly. It is best to use the services of a professional signage company like Vinage Customs, if you want to obtain the results you are going for. Plus, a signage campaign usually involves much more than just one sign, and a company that does just that will definitely guide you in the right direction!

7 Brilliant Brands Who Are Killing It With Signage

7 Brilliant Brands Who Are Killing It With Signage

Signage is the best marketing strategy to reach more people in a short period of time. If you have a high-quality signage project you can count on spectacular results that Vinage Customs can offer you! They help companies reach their target audience through signage since 2013 with a range of offered services such as design and print. Located in the heart of Tullamarine, Melbourne they are well known among other popular Australian brands as well. Here are 7 other brands that made it to high standards through signage and are part of Vinage Customs portfolio!


  1. Fry’s Storage

Fry’s Storage is one of the best storage companies in Australia. And you will understand that right from their signage campaign that sings with their offers and contact information. By simply seeing their building signage you can decide to apply for their services and store your goods safely with them.


  1. Airvolve Fleet

If we are talking about companies that got the importance of signage awareness, Airvolve fleet has to be mentioned. With the help of Vinage Customs, they added captivating signs on buildings, cars and different locations. Their website is clearly visible so everyone can contact them as soon as they need them.


  1. Aussie Home Loans

Aussie Home Loans could easily change your life and you can get that by simply gazing at their signs. These signs can be found in strategic places that are highly circulated so everyone can see them. And they offer important services such as home loans at the best prices and you can find all the basic information you need on the signs.


  1. Bost group

Vinage Customs also helped Bost Group have one of the best signage strategies in Australia. And it paid off quickly as Bost Group is very popular among many types of companies and individuals nowadays. You will find their signs mostly on buildings, advertising about their industry solutions and contact information.


  1. Crossfit3018

There is no way to miss the Crossfit3018 signs in Australia and not be aware of their fitness services. You can take cross fit classes at affordable prices and even have your personal trainer. And most of their popularity appeared after Vinage Customs created one of the best signage designs for them.


  1. Envie Fitness

Women care a lot about their bodies and beauty that is why Envie Fitness encourages them to take care of themselves on a regular basis. They are a fitness brand that offers training and has plenty of studios all over Australia as well as in important American cities. Their signs inform women about what they have to offer in seconds so they can access the Envie Fitness services according to their needs.

  1. Extrordin Air

Air conditioning is a must, especially in those hot summer days when the sun wouldn’t take any breaks. Extrordin Air is an Australian company that understands the importance of keeping cool on hot days and hot on cold days. They used their signage campaign to attract clients for years through awareness and branding. By using the services offered by Vinage Customs, Extrordin Air reached a great level of popularity and developed quickly through supreme quality signs.


As you can see, signs are crucial for your company or any company. They are so important that they can make the difference between success and failure! So don’t underestimate the power of signage and the impact it can have on the nowadays market! You might be surprised by the changes it can bring to your brand and the number of clients you will reach by simply placing the right sign in the right place!

3 Little Known Ways To Make An Impact With Branding

3 Little Known Ways To Make An Impact With Branding

Branding is an essential part of advertising and you can use it in more than one way to achieve the success that you are aiming to. Also, branding is a way that will help you communicate with your clients and discover new ones. But brand awareness is not the easiest thing to achieve. And once you achieve it, you have to focus on adding the right type of substance to it in order to make the most out of your branding strategy. Here are the most efficient and less known ways to use your branding in order to make an impact!


1. Get familiar with your target audience

Your audience is very important and besides the fact that you need to identify it correctly, you also need to “study” it. Get to know what your audience likes, what they expect from brands like you and how can you satisfy those expectations. Because once you know all these details, you can also start to think of ways to educate your target audience and transform it into a crowd of clients that will simply love every product you offer them. And this should be easy especially if you make sure that your products or services are of a high quality which makes them a lot easier to promote!


2. Define your mission statement

Your mission statement is also one of the most important aspects to take care of when you want your branding to have a positive impact. Your mission is an image of what your brand is about. Any good company that respects its audience has to be built on certain values. And your mission statement is all about promoting these values among your present and future clients. If you define your mission statement, you add purpose to your branding and you will attract even more people who relate to your type of values. So, identify your values and promote them in order to get the attention of new customers and also have a great, positive impact on your community!


3. Reinvest your profit

You will be very excited to land a profit soon after you get in business but if you have a small company or brand, you need to help it grow before anything else. This is part of trusting your work, products and the services that you offer so much that you are willing to reinvest the first profit you make. This might mean that for the first year of life, your company won’t generate much income, but it will create a generous perspective for your future. If you keep your eyes focused on building a better tomorrow through your branding strategy, you will learn that profit is supposed to be split between your needs and the company’s needs. And in time you will get to this fair split of your income even if at first your company will seem to need all of it. Investing your money can only work in your advantage for the long run, especially if you invest it in a wise way and with a developed plan of objectives.

Branding can be a great strategy that you might need to develop a month after another. It can bring you the income that you dream of but it can also make a difference in the community that you live in. While your profit has to be and remain your main goal, the other aspects can also determine the quality of your business and branding. So, try to build a brand that will create history, not just money!

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Through Signs

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Through Signs

Signage is a great way to make money for your company but there are also secrets to apply in order to be successful. And most of these secrets are in the sign itself. That is why the type of logo you use and the message you have are crucial details that can bring you the results you want or not. And you should always put the signage task in the hands of professionals if you want results to count on for your business. Here are 3 easy ways that will help you make money through your sign!


1. Get people to be curious about your product or services by just glancing at your sign

The first step to a successful signage campaign is to get people to be curious about your brand. This is essential if you want them to research more information about what you offer. Also, this means that you shouldn’t give away too many details in just one sign. Focus on getting people interested in your brand and make them fans of your message. Once you catch people’s attention, you can consider that you walked on half of the road to success.


2. Send an educative message through your signs

Your signs should have the quality to inform people. If someone can learn something from your sign, they will want to learn even more by checking your website or store or by contacting you directly. But in order to educate your audience, you need to give them some information through the signs you post for them to see. Add one valuable information, wrapped in a catchy slogan and designed in a nice and attractive sign and you will see the results faster than you ever imagined. As a matter of fact, these are the elements of a successful sign that can definitely take your brand to a whole new level.

3. Place your sign in the perfect location

Admitting that you respected all the signage guidelines in order to create an original sign, there is still one detail that can make the difference between success and failure. And this has nothing to do with your sign but more with the place you put it at the location. If you choose the location correctly, you will reach more people and therefore, be more successful. When choosing the location for your sign, you need to take into account two aspects: the visibility of your sign and the number of people that walk on that street on a regular basis. Try to find a circulated area where you can set up your sign. And also try to place it in a location where there is nothing in front of it to cover your sign and therefore, make all your effort useless. This is extremely important so don’t neglect the place you choose to set up your sign at if you are looking for some advantages that you can achieve through this kind of popular advertising.

By following these 3 aspects, you will increase your chances to make money through your signs. Not to mention that all it takes is one good sign placed in a good location, to bring you a significant income for a few months. But in order to enjoy such benefits of professional signage implementation, you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to quality and style. The quality of your sign is essential for your success as well as the style of it. Remember that a sign should be representative for you and give your audience a flavour of what your brand is all about!

10 Mistakes Most People Make When Making Signage

10 Mistakes Most People Make When Making Signage

When you need to implement any type of signage you need to consider a variety of factors. Some of these factors will help you to complete your task successfully, while others need to be avoided. But there are certain mistakes that most people make when making signage that could definitely be avoided. And to not fall in the trap of committing such mistakes, here’s a list to pay attention to!


1. Not paying attention to the light

Light is more important than you can imagine. If your light is not good enough, your sign will be hard to read or even be seen by your clients. This is why you need to make sure that your sign receives proper light even during the night, by adding artificial light sources to it or right next to it.

2. Decide the spacing and size ahead of time

Before starting to work on the letters of a sign, you need to measure the place where the sign will be put at. Besides the fact that your letters should fit in that space, there should also be a free space around them to ease the reading. Get familiar with the general norms regarding letter height to viewing distance and apply it as much as possible.

3. Don’t load your logo more than you need to

Some people want to end up with such a great sign that they overdo it. Adding unnecessary shapes, graphics, colours or even patterns to your sign will only distract your audience from the main idea. When it comes to signage, less is more!

4. Pay attention to not place your letters backwards or upside down

The most important thing to pay attention to is the way you place your letters. Try not to place them in a wrong way because this will ruin all your effort.

5. Signs that are placed in the wrong location

When it comes to signage, location is everything. By choosing the right location you make sure that your sign is being noticed and therefore, it has a chance to attract the audience. If you choose the location wrong, you will not get the effects, you want out of your sign, even if it is a high-quality sign.

6. Adding too many details to your logo

Details might or might not be necessary. But as a general rule, the text of your sign should be simple and to the point. People that are interested in your message will not hesitate to look or ask for more details themselves. So, you won’t have to add all those extra details to your logo.

7. Colours

Try to find colours that go well with one another. And don’t overload your banner with more colours than it should have. Choosing the right combination of colours will be pleasant to the eye and attract the right type of attention.

8. Too much improvisation

Many people make a good plan for their signage but once they start working on it they start to improvise as well. It is best to stick to your plan and implement your sign just the way you intended to, rather than take spontaneous decisions that might be very risky.

9. Missing the “catchy” aspect

The most important idea of good signage is probably being a catchy sign. If your sign is not observed by your target audience that it missed its purpose. Try to create a sign that will not only catch the attention of your audience, but it will also intrigue people to know more!

10. Trying too hard

And last but not least, don’t be one of those people who try so hard that they miss the natural aspect of the signage. Keep it simple and try to use words that sound as natural to your target audience as possible. Remember that it is very important for people to relate to your sign and not find it unnatural.

How To Connect Customers With Signage Like A Boss

How To Connect Customers With Signage Like A Boss

Your main goal when you create or need to have a new signage done for your company is to connect customers with signage and reach them with your message. And there are more ways to reach this goal. While each brand has their own strategy when it comes to contacting new customers and connecting with them, there are certain rules that will always bring you a positive outcome when it comes to signage strategies. And here are a few ideas to keep in mind next time you invest in such a campaign!


Set up your sign at networking events

Network events are great occasions to interact with other brand owners as well as potential clients. You will not only have a great time, but you will also get familiar with the vibe of the market and get to know what your target audience is expecting from you. Which is why a networking event is a perfect place to set up your sign and introduce your brand and products or services to your audience. This will not bring you just the right type of exposure but also the chance to get new clients instantly since at these types of events people go to access services and new brands.

Create a database of your clients through your sign

A sign has the role to inform people about your products or the services that you offer. But it can also help you connect with the people who see your sign, or even better: it will help them connect with you. All you have to do is add a “subscribe” to your digital sign version so your potential clients that are interested in your products can subscribe to your brand. This will give you their emails and therefore, you can send newsletters and offers directly to your clients, being the old ones or new ones or even future ones. Creating your own network with your clients is essential for your success and the way your brand is going to grow. You can use such a database to send birthday discounts or invites to certain events that your brand hosts.

Add social media and your website to your sign

If you didn’t discover the power of social media networks has when it comes to promoting brands, it is time to get used to it. By simply adding your social media links to your sign, being a digital sign or physical sign, you will reach a lot more people. And you will also give them a chance to interact with you by simply accessing your links and seeing even more about your brand. Some will leave you messages, comments or likes and all these things will bring you even more exposure which can only result in more success and money for you and your team. Plus, social media has the power to connect people and inform them at the same time to watch the content you share on your pages or profiles carefully because it can bring you a lot of new customers.

As you can see, a professional signage implementation can only bring you a lot of benefits. And to enjoy all these benefits, you simply have to pay attention to your sign, the message you sent through your sign and the location or website you want your sign to appear at. If you don’t neglect these aspects, chances are that you will be successful in no time and new clients will keep coming your way each month. And don’t forget to exploit the online world as much as possible since it is the main way to create a connection nowadays.

How to Make Good Signage Work for a Start-up Business

How to Make Good Signage Work for a Start-up Business

When it comes to promoting our business we cannot forget for a moment the external signage; Business signs are very important because they represent the first point of contact with the customer, so we must make the most of it. A commercial poster allows us to draw the attention of those considered as potential customers, regardless of whether they are driving or just walking. It will also make the company known, extend the brand image, as well as inform about products and/or services that you market. In short, these signs will help you remember the brand permanently. At Vinage Customs, we will help you!

If you are looking for a sign, poster or advertising sign and they all seem too expensive; you have just arrived at the right place. If you also want a spectacular design that is the envy of the whole city, keep reading because you will like it. We are the most complete signage company you can find in Melbourne, we design and manufacture illuminated signs, LED signs, luminous banners. With us, you can have many options and materials so that your label is exactly as you have imagined it.

Give your start-up business a makeover with good signage:

This question may arise that why to give your startup business a makeover with good signage; the reasons are the following!



The first thing that should be clear to us is that the business signs have the purpose of communicating. When they observe it, even if it is done quickly, it must be clear what the name of the business is, the products that are sold, what makes us different from our competitors, etc.


The message that is transmitted must be simple: we have to find a good way to condense the information; the less information there is, the easier it will be to get the message. It is possible that we base on integrating only the logo of the company. A little-recommended practice is to add the logos of the companies of the products that are sold, this will make the user lie, and that is unable to process so much information in such a short time.


There must be coherence between the text, between the images, as well as with the different blank spaces. You have to achieve a distribution of harmonic elements. The reading elements of the business signs must be located from left to right, as well as from top to bottom.


Before placing it anywhere, make sure it is placed in a place from which its visibility will be guaranteed. Nothing should obstruct the vision of the poster once it has been placed (for example, we must not allow other posters to cover it). It also evaluates the sense of circulation; if the street is only one way, if there are traffic lights nearby, the height of the sign, the dimensions, and visibility.



The size of business signage is also a key point. The size of them should be proportional to the distance between them and the clients. To facilitate the vision, we can use two different posters.


Choose colour alive, but not in excess. In the same way that we have already commented with the images, if you bet for business signs with very bright colours, this could end up lending itself to confusion. If you finally decide to use several colours, you must make sure that they combine with each other, at the same time that they contrast with the phone.

With these keys, you will choose the best signs for business at www.vinagecustoms.com