3 Easy Ways To Make Money Through Signs

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Through Signs

Signage is a great way to make money for your company but there are also secrets to apply in order to be successful. And most of these secrets are in the sign itself. That is why the type of logo you use and the message you have are crucial details that can bring you the results you want or not. And you should always put the signage task in the hands of professionals if you want results to count on for your business. Here are 3 easy ways that will help you make money through your sign!


1. Get people to be curious about your product or services by just glancing at your sign

The first step to a successful signage campaign is to get people to be curious about your brand. This is essential if you want them to research more information about what you offer. Also, this means that you shouldn’t give away too many details in just one sign. Focus on getting people interested in your brand and make them fans of your message. Once you catch people’s attention, you can consider that you walked on half of the road to success.


2. Send an educative message through your signs

Your signs should have the quality to inform people. If someone can learn something from your sign, they will want to learn even more by checking your website or store or by contacting you directly. But in order to educate your audience, you need to give them some information through the signs you post for them to see. Add one valuable information, wrapped in a catchy slogan and designed in a nice and attractive sign and you will see the results faster than you ever imagined. As a matter of fact, these are the elements of a successful sign that can definitely take your brand to a whole new level.

3. Place your sign in the perfect location

Admitting that you respected all the signage guidelines in order to create an original sign, there is still one detail that can make the difference between success and failure. And this has nothing to do with your sign but more with the place you put it at the location. If you choose the location correctly, you will reach more people and therefore, be more successful. When choosing the location for your sign, you need to take into account two aspects: the visibility of your sign and the number of people that walk on that street on a regular basis. Try to find a circulated area where you can set up your sign. And also try to place it in a location where there is nothing in front of it to cover your sign and therefore, make all your effort useless. This is extremely important so don’t neglect the place you choose to set up your sign at if you are looking for some advantages that you can achieve through this kind of popular advertising.

By following these 3 aspects, you will increase your chances to make money through your signs. Not to mention that all it takes is one good sign placed in a good location, to bring you a significant income for a few months. But in order to enjoy such benefits of professional signage implementation, you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to quality and style. The quality of your sign is essential for your success as well as the style of it. Remember that a sign should be representative for you and give your audience a flavour of what your brand is all about!

10 Mistakes Most People Make When Making Signage

10 Mistakes Most People Make When Making Signage

When you need to implement any type of signage you need to consider a variety of factors. Some of these factors will help you to complete your task successfully, while others need to be avoided. But there are certain mistakes that most people make when making signage that could definitely be avoided. And to not fall in the trap of committing such mistakes, here’s a list to pay attention to!


1. Not paying attention to the light

Light is more important than you can imagine. If your light is not good enough, your sign will be hard to read or even be seen by your clients. This is why you need to make sure that your sign receives proper light even during the night, by adding artificial light sources to it or right next to it.

2. Decide the spacing and size ahead of time

Before starting to work on the letters of a sign, you need to measure the place where the sign will be put at. Besides the fact that your letters should fit in that space, there should also be a free space around them to ease the reading. Get familiar with the general norms regarding letter height to viewing distance and apply it as much as possible.

3. Don’t load your logo more than you need to

Some people want to end up with such a great sign that they overdo it. Adding unnecessary shapes, graphics, colours or even patterns to your sign will only distract your audience from the main idea. When it comes to signage, less is more!

4. Pay attention to not place your letters backwards or upside down

The most important thing to pay attention to is the way you place your letters. Try not to place them in a wrong way because this will ruin all your effort.

5. Signs that are placed in the wrong location

When it comes to signage, location is everything. By choosing the right location you make sure that your sign is being noticed and therefore, it has a chance to attract the audience. If you choose the location wrong, you will not get the effects, you want out of your sign, even if it is a high-quality sign.

6. Adding too many details to your logo

Details might or might not be necessary. But as a general rule, the text of your sign should be simple and to the point. People that are interested in your message will not hesitate to look or ask for more details themselves. So, you won’t have to add all those extra details to your logo.

7. Colours

Try to find colours that go well with one another. And don’t overload your banner with more colours than it should have. Choosing the right combination of colours will be pleasant to the eye and attract the right type of attention.

8. Too much improvisation

Many people make a good plan for their signage but once they start working on it they start to improvise as well. It is best to stick to your plan and implement your sign just the way you intended to, rather than take spontaneous decisions that might be very risky.

9. Missing the “catchy” aspect

The most important idea of good signage is probably being a catchy sign. If your sign is not observed by your target audience that it missed its purpose. Try to create a sign that will not only catch the attention of your audience, but it will also intrigue people to know more!

10. Trying too hard

And last but not least, don’t be one of those people who try so hard that they miss the natural aspect of the signage. Keep it simple and try to use words that sound as natural to your target audience as possible. Remember that it is very important for people to relate to your sign and not find it unnatural.

How To Connect Customers With Signage Like A Boss

How To Connect Customers With Signage Like A Boss

Your main goal when you create or need to have a new signage done for your company is to connect customers with signage and reach them with your message. And there are more ways to reach this goal. While each brand has their own strategy when it comes to contacting new customers and connecting with them, there are certain rules that will always bring you a positive outcome when it comes to signage strategies. And here are a few ideas to keep in mind next time you invest in such a campaign!


Set up your sign at networking events

Network events are great occasions to interact with other brand owners as well as potential clients. You will not only have a great time, but you will also get familiar with the vibe of the market and get to know what your target audience is expecting from you. Which is why a networking event is a perfect place to set up your sign and introduce your brand and products or services to your audience. This will not bring you just the right type of exposure but also the chance to get new clients instantly since at these types of events people go to access services and new brands.

Create a database of your clients through your sign

A sign has the role to inform people about your products or the services that you offer. But it can also help you connect with the people who see your sign, or even better: it will help them connect with you. All you have to do is add a “subscribe” to your digital sign version so your potential clients that are interested in your products can subscribe to your brand. This will give you their emails and therefore, you can send newsletters and offers directly to your clients, being the old ones or new ones or even future ones. Creating your own network with your clients is essential for your success and the way your brand is going to grow. You can use such a database to send birthday discounts or invites to certain events that your brand hosts.

Add social media and your website to your sign

If you didn’t discover the power of social media networks has when it comes to promoting brands, it is time to get used to it. By simply adding your social media links to your sign, being a digital sign or physical sign, you will reach a lot more people. And you will also give them a chance to interact with you by simply accessing your links and seeing even more about your brand. Some will leave you messages, comments or likes and all these things will bring you even more exposure which can only result in more success and money for you and your team. Plus, social media has the power to connect people and inform them at the same time to watch the content you share on your pages or profiles carefully because it can bring you a lot of new customers.

As you can see, a professional signage implementation can only bring you a lot of benefits. And to enjoy all these benefits, you simply have to pay attention to your sign, the message you sent through your sign and the location or website you want your sign to appear at. If you don’t neglect these aspects, chances are that you will be successful in no time and new clients will keep coming your way each month. And don’t forget to exploit the online world as much as possible since it is the main way to create a connection nowadays.

How to Make Good Signage Work for a Start-up Business

How to Make Good Signage Work for a Start-up Business

When it comes to promoting our business we cannot forget for a moment the external signage; Business signs are very important because they represent the first point of contact with the customer, so we must make the most of it. A commercial poster allows us to draw the attention of those considered as potential customers, regardless of whether they are driving or just walking. It will also make the company known, extend the brand image, as well as inform about products and/or services that you market. In short, these signs will help you remember the brand permanently. At Vinage Customs, we will help you!

If you are looking for a sign, poster or advertising sign and they all seem too expensive; you have just arrived at the right place. If you also want a spectacular design that is the envy of the whole city, keep reading because you will like it. We are the most complete signage company you can find in Melbourne, we design and manufacture illuminated signs, LED signs, luminous banners. With us, you can have many options and materials so that your label is exactly as you have imagined it.

Give your start-up business a makeover with good signage:

This question may arise that why to give your startup business a makeover with good signage; the reasons are the following!



The first thing that should be clear to us is that the business signs have the purpose of communicating. When they observe it, even if it is done quickly, it must be clear what the name of the business is, the products that are sold, what makes us different from our competitors, etc.


The message that is transmitted must be simple: we have to find a good way to condense the information; the less information there is, the easier it will be to get the message. It is possible that we base on integrating only the logo of the company. A little-recommended practice is to add the logos of the companies of the products that are sold, this will make the user lie, and that is unable to process so much information in such a short time.


There must be coherence between the text, between the images, as well as with the different blank spaces. You have to achieve a distribution of harmonic elements. The reading elements of the business signs must be located from left to right, as well as from top to bottom.


Before placing it anywhere, make sure it is placed in a place from which its visibility will be guaranteed. Nothing should obstruct the vision of the poster once it has been placed (for example, we must not allow other posters to cover it). It also evaluates the sense of circulation; if the street is only one way, if there are traffic lights nearby, the height of the sign, the dimensions, and visibility.



The size of business signage is also a key point. The size of them should be proportional to the distance between them and the clients. To facilitate the vision, we can use two different posters.


Choose colour alive, but not in excess. In the same way that we have already commented with the images, if you bet for business signs with very bright colours, this could end up lending itself to confusion. If you finally decide to use several colours, you must make sure that they combine with each other, at the same time that they contrast with the phone.

With these keys, you will choose the best signs for business at www.vinagecustoms.com

3 Ways to Brighten your Signage with a Lightbox

3 Ways to Brighten your Signage with a Lightbox

We know you need to get the sign as soon as possible to invest your time in other important aspects of your business. That is why we offer you a complete all in one service so you do not have to worry about anything. Just choose one of our business lightbox signage options and tell us the size of the signage project. If what you are concerned about is your design and you have an idea of what you want, but you do not know how to put it together. Do not worry, we will help you design your signage with your logo design or your custom design you want from start to finish.

At Vinage Customs, we have professional graphic designers with years of experience in this industry how can bring your ideas to life. The change from a conventional label to an LED can mean, at first, a small economic investment. However, the recovery of the investment is very fast since, as we said before, it does not need practically maintenance or change of light bulbs, whereas the signs with fluorescent tubes often break, melt, need maintenance more often and, in every maintenance, it is necessary to dismantle everything.

1. Led panel with mobile text

Are you looking for more visibility for your business? With our programmable and energy- efficient LED signs, you will ensure that your business does not go unnoticed for 24 hours a day. It is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors since it is prepared to withstand the inclement weather. You will not need cables since you can program it via USB. Multiple effects and programmable animations, allows you to put a date, time or any text and information you want. Led screen with mobile text ideal to put information or promotion of your business. Take advantage of the visual impact by placing eye-catching phrases, advertising or information that draw the attention of your potential customers. The text of one colour but you can choose the one you like most among red, amber, blue or green.


2. Illuminated sign led lighting

Luminous sign manufactured with aluminium profiles and LED lighting with low consumption is characterized by its high performance, its durability, low consumption against the label with the conventional fluorescent tube. In addition, it does not need maintenance since it has a longer life than any other luminous.


3. Programmable sign for text

Led sign with programmable text ideal to show the information you want to transmit to your customers. You can put all the messages you want, effects, choose size and type of letter, adjust the speed and choose among many motion effects. Advertising signs LED one-sided programmable text, remote programming via WiFi or USB. Take advantage of this offer to make your business get the attention of your potential customers 24 hours a day, with the information you want!

We like to offer the best to our customers and, at the same time, take care of the environment. That’s why we chose the low consumption LED light sign, a current solution with an ecological footprint close to zero.


What You Should Know About Work Safety Signs

What You Should Know About Work Safety Signs

Safety signs warn of potential hazards in the workplace and guide people in an emergency, so it is essential to install them in appropriate places. The correct signaling is effective as a safety technique, but we must not forget that it never eliminates the risk by itself. Therefore it should never replace the safety standards, work instructions and preventive measures that have to be adopted.

We are a company committed to developing the safety signs advisory, design, manufacturing and installation. Furthermore commercialization of road and industrial safety signage, corporate image, elements for urban furnishing and personal safety. The signaling safety and health at work should be used whenever the analysis of risks, emergencies and preventive measures are taken.



Signaling is an aspect of great importance in safety and hygiene in general. Security symbols, warning or any other type of warning abound in daily life. Some of these signals apart from indicating information can save lives of people at work. That is why it is very important to study this type of signaling. Signaling can be used as a corrective measure or preventive measure in the work environment.

Signaling is an extremely useful tool and can prevent accidents but this must be part of a prevention plan and must be accompanied by other forms and tools to prevent accidents. Once the risk assessment has been carried out, a signal plan can be carried out in such a way as to avoid risks and accidents of the company’s workers or third parties who may be located within the facilities at any given moment. (Subcontracted companies, commercial companies, family members in a residence, etc).

Correctly signaling a facility can save lives.

In order to carry out a signaling plan indicating the layout of signs and signs in the companies, it is necessary to observe the visual points and optimize the spatial distribution of elements within industrial and business environments. The signs must be clear and simple, oriented to the greatest possible visualization.

At present, the growing importance that is presented in the companies related to job security has motivated different state agencies to intervene in a more compromising manner in compliance with safety regulations. The supervisions in companies and industrial complexes have developed a significant improvement in the compliance of safety and industrial signage.


Signaling for all:

It is important to take into account when making a signaling plan, consider that any individual who is in the establishment at the time of an accident must quickly understand the indicative signs, where to go and at what pace to leave the place. If at the time a fire occurs, a person outside the daily work activity is in the industrial installation space, the person must understand where to go to save his life. The clear indications and communication during times of pressure are mostly given by signs.

Maintain good condition: Once the correct signaling arrangement has been made, it must be taken into account that the subsequent maintenance of the signaling is fundamental to the success of the signaling objectives. It is important to bear in mind that in addition to the correct position of the signs, it must be noted that the material used to make the product must meet quality standards and current legislation.

For more information about signs, Call us on (03) 9077 7759 or check out www.vinagecustoms.com

5 Top Secrets for City Signage in Melbourne

5 Top Secrets for City Signage in Melbourne

The signboards are important to maintain visual communication on your city signage inside and outside. They are used to keep people alert to risks and security procedures. We design and elaborate signage that manages to highlight the brand, the pictograms, typographies, measures, and proportions that allow easy identification for employers, workers, suppliers, and visitors of the company. Filter the types of signs by multiple criteria by the characteristics you need and easily find the right sign at an unbeatable price. Fast and easy! So look no further and approach us as we are rendering the best deals in town!

Therefore, we see, that signalling signs end up being very demanded, since it is everywhere, in the automobile tracks (with stop, building, lower speed signs…), in business environments (with windows, reception area, bathrooms, safety, floor numbers signs…), in construction site etc. If you wanting to take advantage of this into your business and set up stickers or signage, take a look below at some tips! There is no doubt that this is a profitable business since signage signs are everywhere in the world, it has an incredible demand market!

Know your customers:

It is vital that you know where they are located, what their consumption habits are, what their needs are and how their business can offer them something. For this is ideal to create databases with ages, marital status, gender and educational level, the idea is to find what are the trends on buying habits, so you can understand where you can move your business

Listen to your clients:

Good experiences motivate you to continue, it is always pleasant to have satisfied customers, however bad experiences deserve the same attention, since they are an opportunity to correct errors and that your products, or services, are better. For this we recommend having customer service channels, you can do them through social networks, remember that good communication can grow your brand.

Be aware of the objectives:

It is important to have clear goals and outcomes for your business. For example, you can establish how many sales you want to make per month as well as how much you want to grow on social networks. It is essential to know the impact of the strategy if the numbers do not give you means that something must be doing wrong, there are no magic formulas in the ‘marketing’, it is best to try many ways to promote your product to identify which are working depending on your business.


This type of advertising proves to be more effective in reaching those who are looking for products related to what you offer. If you put a billboard on the street, your message will be reaching all kinds of people without discrimination, you will see children, youth, adults, old people and anyone who passes through that place, of course, sometimes the place can be frequented by a certain type of people. We have everything for you at www.vinagecustoms.com.

Digital signage:

Every day that passes is more difficult to reach our potential customers; we have a lot of information from all sides. So the main question is how we get to them more effectively and that this will generate more income for our companies. One of the great opportunities today is to use digital signage, many of our businesses already have digital screens, which we only use to entertain our customers, but we do not take advantage of them. These screens are a means by which we can transmit digital content such as promotions, information to our staff or general information to our customers.

How to create, design, and print custom signage for your business needs

How to create, design, and print custom signage for your business needs

In the current high-competitive business world, everyone is focusing more on online marketing and advertising through mobile phones. But for you to ensure that you attract the attention of your target audience, a little thing as coming up with a uniquely designed custom signage can be rewarding as far as your marketing goals are concerned.

Many businesses today find the use of signage to be a perfect strategy in creating business awareness and grabbing the attention of customers. A study also indicated that businesses that are creative in their signage designs achieve better results compared to those who have casual designs. Whatever your preferences are, your signage design is what will determine whether you will win more customers for your business or you will continue recording low profits. The best signage designs will always attract customers from afar, and they will end up reading your signage even if they didn’t intend to stop. For you to get the most out of your signage design, there are 4 important principles that must be adhered to when designing posters, banners and other signage.


Compelling color

The color choice plays a vital role when coming up with a signage design. The main aim of using effective color is to convey the brand identity. In fact, most people identify a business trade mark according to the color used. When it comes to color choice for your signage, try as much as possible to use trendy colors. But still, you need to consider how long the signage will be in use since the color that is trending today may not have much influence tomorrow. You also need to consider the type of color to use. Most people tend to think that only bright and flashy colors will attract people to reading your sign. But a combination of less bright colors, like black or yellow, for instance, is not only attractive, but will also make your signage visible from a distance.

Contrast for readability

Contrast is also a huge factor when it comes to signage. The contrast of your sign is what will determine its readability. The best signs should have texts and graphics included on the foreground with a different color in the background. This will make a person go through your signage without a lot of straining.

Size matters

The larger the signage letters, the easier it is to read. This is especially important in highway signage for people who are driving at a relatively high speed to easily know what the signage is all about. If you place the signage next to your competitors, ensure that it stands out by being a bit taller compared to other signs.

Factors to consider when printing a signage

Depending on where the sign will be placed, there are different materials used to make signage. You also need to consider if the material is strong enough to survive in harsh weather conditions. For instance, yard signs can work well for outdoor use, poster signs are perfect for indoor use. Banners on the other hand, can be used or both indoor and outdoor signage.

Handling requirements are also a consideration when printing signage. The good thing is that most stocks that we currently have are designed to be durable enough to resist frequent wear and tear.

As much as signage plays an important role in business advertising, you can only achieve better results with the signage if you use quality signage designs. One advantage with signage designs is that they are quite affordable and you don’t have to spend a fortune for this marketing strategy to be rewarding.


How to Brand your Company with a Expert Sign Maker

How to successfully brand inside and outside your company with a expert sign maker

There is no doubt that signage plays a vital role in marketing a business. The best signage design will not only attract the attention of passersby, but will also win the hearts of new customers, which means more sales for your business. But for you to come up with the best design for your business, avoid hiring the first sign maker you meet on the streets. Doing research, both online and in local stores will ensure that you hire a skilled and professional sign maker who knows exactly what to do to ensure that you are on top of your competitors. Here are some of the things that a reputable sign maker can do for your business:

  • The sign makers will be able to work with you throughout the process to ensure that the signage design is exactly what you need for the business. Whether you need a sign for outdoor use or you want the whole package (which includes interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle graphics and point of purchase) they will ensure that the signage is made from scratch to finish.
  • Professional sign makers are also aware of sign regulations. They can help in the preparation of your sign permit documents and let you know the things to implement in the signage and what to avoid. The sign permits vary depending on your state rules and it is only a professional sign maker who will guarantee you a sign created according to the law.
  • Reputable sign makers will also work within your budget. This will help keep the cost to a minimum while still having a uniquely designed sign to promote your business.
  • Sign makers are experts when it comes to signage designs, and this means that they will be able to advise you on the best designs that can work for your business. They will help you choose the right materials and finishes to ensure that your signage is professional, durable and achieves the desired results.

Before hiring a sign maker, it is also important that you ask for samples from the past projects they did. This will ensure that you are hiring the right professionals for the task. To ensure that you get value out of the sign maker you hire, here are some of the questions that you first need to consider.


What type of signs do they make?

Is the sign maker able to design a sign that you want? Well, even if they are able to, you can also ask them to present other designs they offer. This will help you choose from a wide range of designs to ensure that you come up with the best signage design for your business.

Do they have their own graphic designers?

The sign maker you hire should have their own team of graphic designers. If not, you may find yourself incurring more costs on the signage design.

How long will it take?

Maybe you want to use the sign for a specific function and want it to be completed within a certain time limit. Are they able to work within your deadline? You also have to confirm if they will charge an extra amount for doing the work under tight deadlines.

Can you install the sign yourself?

Sign installation can either be simple or complex depending on the size and design. You can ask the sign maker if it is something you can do, or if they are willing to install the sign at a cost and if yes, how much will they charge?

Five Proven Ways to Engage your Audience through Quality and Affordable Signage

Five proven ways to engage your audience through quality and affordable signage

When it comes to marketing strategies, making use of signage is among the most effective ways to increase your client base and make more profits in the long run. But if you want your signage to work, you need to ensure that it is both visible and is able to attract attention. The best business signage should help you stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, poorly designed signage will not only incur losses for the company, but can also put the business reputation at risk. Most businesses tend to avoid making use of signage as a marketing strategy with the perception of incurring too many costs. However, most signage designs are very affordable. Here are some of the tips to ensure that you engage your audience with a quality signage without incurring a lot of costs in the design.


Don’t be too subtle

Your company brand may be understated compared to your competitors, but try as much as possible not to come up with an understated signage. Otherwise, you may risk running out of business. This does not mean that you have to be extravagant when coming up with a signage design. Even an understated brand can stand out if you use quality and affordable signage designs. Having a great design means that you adhere to your values and even if you have an understated logo, you can still make a strong impact with your signage.

Consider the surrounding environment

If your signage is located in a busy environment where hundreds of people pass every day, you can achieve better results compared to when you place the signage in a slow, quiet environment. But if the signage is positioned at a place where you are competing with other businesses to attract attention, try to come up with ways to make your signage stand out by making it taller compared to other signs or using bold colors.

Keep the text brief

When it comes to signage texts, less is more and using too much words in a signage can even affect its visibility. If the signage is located along a busy road, no one will have the time to read your signage texts for minutes. You only need to focus on the core information that you really want your customers to know and ensure the details are at a minimum.

Focus on the placement

You also need to find a perfect location where the signage can be placed. This will help create a visual impact on your signage. Signage features, like the size and height also matter a great deal. Some other factors that you need to consider are the impact of sun’s rays on the signage and whether people are going to have difficulties reading your sign.

Make use of color

When it comes to signage, color is among the things that people remember the most. It also has an impact on how people perceive your brand, increasing the changes of converting them into loyal customer. Using bold colors does not necessarily mean that customers will be attracted to your signage. On the other hand, alternating colors like yellow and black will make it much easier for people to know more about your business.

Don’t allow your business to fade away when you can implement some cost-effective strategies and ensure you achieve business success. By paying attention to the above tips when designing your signage, you can be guaranteed of getting the most out of your signage for your business stand out from your competitors.