3 Ways To Think Different to Promote Commercial Signs

Every business needs people to patronize them. But sometimes, it seems like all is done and the market is saturated. It may even seem like people can’t see your commercial signs. Probably, you’ve had them up there for some time and the number of customers hasn’t increased. Then, what do you do?

Commercial signs are put up to do one thing; attract customers. Yes, it may be a digital work where we have a lot of advertising and marketing online. But the commercial signs have maintained their relevance. Sometimes, it may be your best bet to get new customers. Do you have one already and want to make it better? Or do you just want to create your own commercial sign? If yes is your answer to both questions, then you must be ready to do things differently.

Doing things differently is the only way that you’re going to be able to make room for yourself in the market. The way a commercial sign is put up determines how it is perceived by the customer. It also determines how many new customers it can attract. So, how do you think outside the box when creating your commercial signs?

A compelling colour scheme.

As mentioned earlier, the goal of a commercial sign is to attract new customers. To do this effectively, you would need to adopt a compelling colour scheme. It’s important that you are bold about your brand and a compelling colour scheme would do that for you.

Colours carry an identity and your choice of colour would have a huge effect on the creation of a great sign. Major brands in the world are associated with a certain colour. So, you have to make sure that the colours you use for your brand are attractive to customers. Often times, most customers would recognize your company through your colours, so put some work into it.

When designing the colours, you have to keep consider a number of factors. What are you selling? Who are you selling to? What message are you looking to pass across? What identify do you want to have with your customers? Soon, you’ll be seeing a clear picture of what you want your sign to look like.

Contrast is also important.

The contrast of a sign has a lot to do with its readability. So, if you want customers to be able to read your sign from afar, then take note of the contrast.

Most signs include text and images on a continuous background. The contrast between these items is vital to how readers can go through its content. The safest way to go is by making use of dark colours on a light background or vice versa. Making use of similar text and background colours will decrease the readability of the sign. Adding a border around the text could also help to increase the readability of the text. When the text can be read, customers are able to easily understand your message and buy what you’re selling.

Pay attention to the size.

If you want your sign to not be overlooked keep the text and images at a good size. To put it quite simply, larger texts are easier to read. This can be very beneficial if you’ll be putting up your signs by the roadside. Make sure that you maximize the size of the text to squeeze in enough details into the sign.

Also, pay attention to the type of font you use. Some fonts are naturally more readable than others.

How to Drive Traffic In with Pylon Signage?

Signage is an old, effective strategy used by different brands around the world to attract new customers to deal with them. However, it important that you make use of the right kind of signage. Depending on the type of business which you run and where you’ll be designing your sign, you can make use of a variety of options. Pylon signage is one of the best options which you can make use of to display the brand of your business. They’re quite special and they offer you a different set of features to attract your customers.

Pylon signs are usually seen placed high above buildings. Basically, they are easier to notice when you’re driving along a highway or a shopping centre. They are signs used to attract motorists from a far distance. These signs are usually designed as standalone signs for business brands. Pylon signage usually appears in a variety of forms namely illuminated letters, sideways lettering, dual pillars, brick base and so on. Brands have definitely made use of this type of signage to improve their customer perception and drive traffic. So, how do you drive traffic to your business with the use of pylon signs?

First of all, you have to understand that Pylon signage is different from your regular signs. They can do a lot for your business and offer you a type of coverage which you didn’t anticipate. To drive traffic with the use of pylon signs, you would need to pay attention to the following steps:

Properly examine where you would be keeping your signage.

Ask yourself, where would you be keeping the pylon sign. Hundreds of vehicles pass by routes; that’s if you’ll be keeping the sign by the roadside. This m/eans that’s when you make use of this type of signage, you can expect a lot of people to learn about your brand. All you have to do is make sure you make use of the best vantage position.

Will you be keeping it by the freeway? Are you in a busy shopping centre? At the edge of a freeway? Or probably at the top of a hill. These are some of the best places to keep a pylon sign. Pylon signs can be seen from far distances and this makes them appropriate for such locations.

Ensure there are no obstructions from all angles.

Make sure that the sign can be seen clearly from all angles. However, you should also know that depending on where to put up your sign, you can’t have all the space. This means that you have to maximize all the angles.

Make use of a compelling colour scheme.

Now, the sign will be quite some distance away and your potential customers have to see what’s written on it clearly. To do this, you need a compelling colour scheme. Basically, your colour is your identity and your clients have to be able to know who you are from a distance.

Contrasting colours are clearer. The readability of a sign is very important. To allow for impressive readability of sign, it’s advised that you make use of contrasting colours. Think of making use of a light colour on a dark background or making use of dark colours on a white background. Improving the readability of a sign will improve the speed at which it can be read. This way, it’s easier for your potential customers to remember your identity. 

What is the best place in Melbourne to get construction site signs?

What is the best place in Melbourne to get construction site signs?

Construction sites are often filled with a lot of activity as man and machine work tirelessly to create outstanding architectural projects. The activity is such that there are various activities going on at different sections of the construction site. Construction sites are useful in helping to divide the construction site into different segments. Basically, these signs will be used to indicate the presence of hazardous materials, safety signals or even the toilets. The use of good signage on construction sites will ensure that work goes on smoothly and workers or other personnel are kept safe from harm. It will also be used to label the sections of the construction site. Regardless of the type of project on any construction site, the signs are important to a smooth workflow on the site. It’s important that you look forward to getting yourself one.

It is important that you get professionals to handle the production of your construction site signs. This way, you can be certain of the quality and durability of these signs. So, where is the best place to get your construction signs in Melbourne?

Vinage Customs is a brand with professional to help all of its clients design their construction signs to their taste.

At Vinage Customs, customers are closely worked with and all of the services provided are done strictly to suit the desired projects.

Vinage Customs is a locally owned and operated business in Melbourne which offers only quality service. Regardless, of the type of construction site in question, Vinage is at your service. We have managed to tailor all parts of our service for maximum quality. We ensure that our manufacturing and distributing network is well-developed to handle demands from our customers. We specialise in the creation of custom signs that our customers can always look forward to benefiting from.

When it comes to the production and display of mandatory services, there are certain strict regulations in place. These type of restrictions are common when dealing with commercial and industrial signage. Due to this, it can be quite costly for you to infringe on any of the regulations relating to the posting of signage. It can be difficult for you to make use of any incorrect or non-compliant signage and we won’t be providing you with anything less than quality. You can be certain that with all of our signage, it becomes easy to navigate the construction site.

signage for building-site-in-the-City

All of the signs which we produce are designed to meet regulatory standards. There is a long list of signs which we produce. We also ensure that all of our services are available in Melbourne and all over Australia.

In our long years of experience, we have dealt with a number of customers. Due to this, we have extensive experience in satisfying the needs of clients. We ensure that we stick to all of our deadlines and make plans for any changes that could occur. We also ensure that we design all of our programs to suit the budget of the customer. When handling all of our projects, we look to aim for quick turnaround time to keep our customers satisfied. We will make sure the your project goes on without any delays.

Vinage Customs is a brand that always seeks to be innovative.

As such, we constantly look to get better at all the services which we provide. Our mission is to keep our clients satisfied with the best signage money can buy.

What is the best shopfront signage for a small business?

What is the best shopfront signage for a small business?

Shopfront signage is perfect to help with your businesses hat the best type of the first impression. Also, this sign means that people are able to quickly get to understand what your business is all about. There are quite a number of options which can be adapted for use in signage. The variations may be in the form of the materials used, the size or design of the signage. When choosing shopfront signage, it is important to pick one which correctly reflects your brand, products and services which you offer to customers.

There is no doubt that shopfront signage is very important. It will contain detailed information relating to the business and will be the first point of contact for all of your customers. It is important that this signage is designed to meet the high graphic standard and must portray a clear message of what the brand is all about. But what are the best type of shopfront signs which can be used by stores?

Fabric Signs.

Fabric signs are loved by everyone due to their appeal and overall aesthetic value. The downside of fabric signs is that they require a high level of maintenance to keep things in good condition. Fabric signage may be considered by many as a cheap option but it’s maintenance costs actually are a lot to deal with and they eventually add up. Fabric storefront signs can easily be ordered line and your logo will be printed on it to suit your taste.

Polywood signage.

This special type or signage are affordable, attractive and a great addition. Basically, store owners get to decide what is printed on the Polywood. However, the type of design, size of the font, type of paint and size of the Polywood all affect the price of the whole project. If you’ll be looking to make use of a special type of wood for your signage such as oak or cherry, it may serve as an extra cost for the installation of the signage.

Painted Glass signage.

This option is an attractive, affordable and unique option of signage to adopt. The reason why this is a great choice is that you can simply make use of your store window as the canvas which would be used for the signage. Getting more complex designs and logos done will cost thousands of dollars.

The major downside of painted glass signage is visibility. Vision can easily become blurred when there are glares from the sun.

Punched Metal Signboard/Laser Cut Storefront Sign.

These designs can help to add a modern touch to the front of the shop. They are known to be durable and resistant to harsh weather. Metaik signage can cost about $75 for a sign of 18″ X 24″. Opting to get a larger size or a more complex colour scheme would mean that you would end up spending more money on the signage.

Metal Logo and Lettering Storefront Sign.

These special designs can add a lot of life to the front of your store. These signs help to create a special effect and as such, they don’t come cheap. Getting some lighting installed on this signage is a very good way to ensure that the signage gets attention. It is also a way to make sure that your customers can view your signs regardless of the time of the day.

Why vehicles on the road need good car signage?

Why vehicles on the road need good car signage?

If you take a look around you while sitting in traffic, you are sure to see a number of vehicles which are adorned with special logos and details. Oftentimes, some of these designs are littered with contact details for the brand in question. It’s not uncommon to see branded vehicles moving around because vehicle signage is known to be quite effective. Vehicle signage is a good form of advertising and it is designed to have a lasting impression on the viewers of such an ad. It would be a very nice impression to have your brand name, logo and contact written body on the boldly of a vehicle as it moves around.

Have you made use of vehicle signage? These are some of the reasons why vehicle signage is good for you.

It helps to add creativity to the whole branding campaign.

There are a variety of ways to advertise your product and grow your brand’s image. Other forms of marketing are effective but they are common and everyone now uses them. Vehicle signage is a way to stand out from the pack and add some creativity to your identity. The vehicle signage will serve as a long-lasting option that would help to support other advertisement options. It is possible for you to design your vehicle signage to suit your required design and budget.

It offers a great return on investment.

The use of vehicle signage is a very effective way to advertise. With the use of vehicle signage, you get to advertise to hundreds of people as you drive from one street to another or from one part of the city to another. This way, your brand is exposed to even more people at their places of comfort. With vehicle signage, people will get to see your brand all over the city. Customers love local companies and you can be sure that you’ll be entertaining some calls soon.

It builds trust in the brand.

Vehicle signage can help people around to quickly trust your brand. By applying special vehicle signage, you get the chance to impress your potential customers. This special form of advertisement portrays you as a professional who is committed to the business. This type of trust can be very good in ensuring that local customers trust the quality of the service which you’re looking to provide to them. Also, by seeing your signage once or twice driving along the street, people become more familiar with the brand. However, you have to be conscious of how you interact with people while in the branded vehicle. Potential customers will be paying attention to the actions of whoever is driving the truck. Make sure that the well-decorated vehicle is complimented with a polite, friendly and interactive driver.

Getting yourself vehicle signage could be the next big step for you. There’s no reason to keep contemplating the benefits of this type of signage. The benefits are clear. In order to get signage on your vehicles, you would need to plan according to your budget and requirements. The first step would be to get yourself a graphics designer which would help you design the whole logo and the overall design. A good designer will offer you different options for the design. After this, the design is to be printed and applied to the vehicle.

How to get high-quality promotional signage in Melbourne?

How to get high-quality promotional signage in Melbourne?

How can you get your brand known around your area and country? What is an effective way to keep people up to date about your brand? Have you noticed that the biggest brands are known to offer quality service and good brand promotion? Proper branding through the use of signage is a way to stand out of the competition and get the desired edge. Making use of promotional signage can be referred to as a great business strategy. Signage is considered to be a subtle way to advertise and pass your message across to brands around you.

There’s no doubt that promotional signage is important to businesses and entrepreneurs but how exactly do you get access to the best? Vinage customs is the top producer of different type of signs to help business owners attract the desired target audience. We offer services all over Australia and we are based in Melbourne. Vinage Customs has managed to establish itself as one of the biggest brands in the country. We have countless years of experience in the production is signages. Due to this, we are experts at producing almost every type of sign that you can think of. We understand what a Melbourne business wants and we’ll offer it in the highest quality.

Melbourne is a commercial capital in Australia and it allows us to reach the far corners of the country. All of our services are designed to print signs that suit the requirements of the customer totally. When you work with us, your brand will finally be able to get the recognition it finally deserves.

Why should you choose Vinage Customs?

When you’re trying to get your business the recognition it deserves, it’s worth doing anything possible to get the best results. Vinage Customs work with you to make everything much simpler. Since the 70’s the use of signages in business has been quite popular and we’ve studied how to effectively provide our clients with the best possible choices.

We have worked with top brands and have seen the benefits of well-designed signage. Signage is capable of making a business earn a lot of profit from the sales and services provided. We have managed to hire a team of professionals and specialists to handle all of our projects. Our team of experts include Project Managers, Site surveyors, Designers and creative person who will handle your signage and produce the best results. All of our professionals work together on projects and their collective effort is good enough to tackle a variety of projects for clients. It’s a way to get increased growth and more profit.

With our level of experience and expertise, we are able to create signage for virtually every type of business. Vinage Customs is capable of creating different types of signage depending on the requirements of the consumers.

Also, take note that all of our work is done to meet up with standards. Our work is in compliance with the Australian Building Code and all materials we use are of the highest standards. Let Vinage Customs do the work for you as reap the benefits. Work with us at Vinage Customs and watch your business grow to greater heights.

We are masters of innovation and we look to constantly improve on any of our services and signs. We look to stay up to date with technology and production processes. Vintage customs is always looking to expand and get better.

How To Dress To Impress With Commercial Business Signs?

How To Dress To Impress With Commercial Business Signs?

Oftentimes, a lot of people gain their perception about something from taking a look at it. This applies to all spheres of life and business inclusive. In fact, this type of perception is more common when dealing with businesses and brands. Most people don’t come into personal contact with you before deciding to do business with you. This is why it is important to do your best to dress to impress with your commercial signs. There’s not much time to impress your customers and you have to do your best. It basically takes about 6 seconds to read a sign, so that’s how little the time you have is.

The human brain appeals to the sight before other senses and as such it doesn’t matter how good it looks inside, the first goal is to attract the customer and that will be done with the use of specially designed graphics signs. When you’re trying to create a brand to provide service to people, it is important that you ensure that you strike a balance between the interior and exterior design for better results. You can make your brand all better with the use of well-designed and cohesive signs. The sign has to do two things; inform potential customers about the services provided your business and to convince them to hire you or make a purchase.

So, how do you design your signage such that you impress your potential customers and get them to patronize you?

The signage should not just be only about advertising.

When creating signs, don’t just look to bombard the customer with information about what you offer. The goal isn’t to create just an ad. Make sure that you design it to suit the brand and ensure that there are elements in the signage which are part of the identity of the business. Signage comes in different designs and you should look to make use of one of them. Signage can simply be in form of names, signs, display directions, general info or contact info. But it should also look to appeal to the customers.

Ensure that the interior matches the exterior.

When designing the interior or planning the services that you wanna provide, you have to ensure that the signage matches them. Let the customer feel welcome by making use of special fonts, graphics and different colour schemes. You can also add raised letters and bold colours for a more appealing appearance.

Pay attention to detail.

The simple truth is that signage is more of a hidden message to your customers. Make sure that the signage is designed to have certain bold or outstanding characters that will have the desired effect. This type of effect can be achieved with the use of special finishes. The features on the signage have to standout and still blend seamlessly into the background of colours. Blend the finish and try to add different materials and elements to the sign. Also make sure that you add messages, information and other essential information to the sign.

Blend the design to suit all your needs.

When you’re trying to dress to impress you should look to make sure that the sign suits everyone who would be using/viewing the sign. This will include; clients, employees, residents and customers. Keep the target audience in mind when designing to ensure that the details, finishes, colour schemes and designs of the whole signage. It is also possible for you to design your signage with bold letters and designs that force passersby to read it.

How To Find The Right Signage Companies Near Me?

How To Find The Right Signage Companies Near Me?

Branding is all about creating an identity for your business or organisation. It is a marketing strategy which is aimed at showing the customers what the organisation is all about. It is also considered an effective way to pass your message across to a large audience. Branding comprises of different concepts and the use of signs is one of them.

Signage can be used to offer a brief insight into the identity and services provided by a business or firm. Signage is known to be products of creativity which comprise of fonts, design, colour scheme and the message to the audience. Due to the importance of signage, it is important that it is done properly. To ensure that your signage is handled properly, you would need to hire the services of a signage company.

But how do you know if a signage company is right for you? Let’s take a look at the following factors.

Take note of their first impression.

There’s a saying about first impression and its the truth. The first impression matters a lot and when dealing with signage, it also applies. Now, the first impression deals with how you were treated by the staff of the signage company or the quality of their website. Oftentimes, the first impression is an indicator of the quality of service provided by the company. If their website or customer service is bad, then you can be certain that their services are not better off.

Pay attention to reviews.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, a lot of firms now have websites including signage companies. These websites often contain reviews from past customers. Take your time to read the reviews and see what people are saying about the signage company before you hire them. Reviews are a way to get an honest opinion of people who have worked with them. Pay attention to the reviews and take note of any recurring complaints or the fulfilment of acclaimed benefits.

Ask for recommendations.

If you’ll be after getting a signage company which is close to you, a good strategy is through recommendations. Talk to friends, family members, partners or colleagues and you may get a few cues about impressive companies around you. The interesting thing about recommendations is that you get to hear first-hand accounts about the services provided by these companies. Recommendations will rarely mislead you and you can enjoy quality service.

What type of signage do they offer?

There are practically a lot of types of signage. Each signage company offers different types depending on the expertise of its personnel and the resources available. However, when looking to pick a signage company, you should look to pick the company which provides services that suit the signage that you need. This way, you are able to service maximum satisfaction and the signage is done to suit your requirements.

Consider your budget.

Signage is good but it definitely comes with a price. Different signage companies charge their clients at varying rates. It is important to pick a signage company which has price listings that suit your requirements. However, it would be best if you plan a reasonable amount for your signage budget. Going for the cheapest product on the market may mean that you have to sacrifice some quality. Don’t be afraid to do some research before you hire a signage company. There’s nothing better than good signage and it is important that you hire a good company to handle your signage for you. That way, you can be guaranteed of satisfactory r

4 Best Secrets with Illuminated Signage Melbourne

4 Best Secrets with Illuminated Signage Melbourne

If you’re in a city which witnesses a lot of traffic and movement such as Melbourne, an illuminated sign may not be such a bad idea. It may be necessary for you to put some extra effort to ensure satisfactory results. Asides the regular examples, you can make use of illuminated signage to ensure that you get your message across to any potential customer. The truth is that illuminated signage can be used by virtually any brand in any industry. Illuminated signage is known to be quite useful because it is attractive and effective in converting leads. Well-placed illuminated signage is quite appealing to the sight and people often have no problem reading them. They are a great way to pass a good deal of message about your brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the few secrets about the use of illuminated signages.

Illuminated signs are perfect for evenings.

Although illuminated signs are often put up for the entire duration of the day, they are most beneficial during evenings. During evenings when sight is obscured, these bright signs can be an appealing way to get your message across to your target audience. The illuminated signages attract attention during the evening and as such, you have to make use of any available space.

Illuminated signs can be kept in passageways of buildings.

This is also another great idea which can be used by companies and businesses to take advantage of the night time. By adding these bright signages to passageways, you can make it easier for people to locate you. These signs will let you lay claim to your territory. In one quick glance, your potential customers can learn something about you and it would have an effect on customer activity. As your clients look to discover your area, let them have an early taste of your service with your signage.

Ensure to add only important information to the illuminated signage.

When making use of these type of signs you are not allowed the freedom to fill in large amounts of info into the signs. It is important to design your illuminated signage to suit the needs of your brand or organisation. There definitely won’t be space for much but you’ll get the chance to include the name and logo of the brand along with with a reliable form of contact. For instance, most brands include their primary telephone number to ensure that you can always reach them to make enquiries or lodge complaints. You can look into getting bigger illuminated signage in order to include more elements in the design but that would be based on personal choice. Make sure that you pick only data that the customers would find interesting. By doing this, you improve the chances of your sign converting potential customers.

Essential things about retail signage you want to know

Essential things about retail signage you want to know

Regardless of your type of company, the truth is that signage is very useful. It should be the first thing that your customers get to know about you. There are different types of signage but retail signage is utilised by retailers. Retail signage is useful because it can be useful in telling the customer what you offer for sale. Basically, retail signage is a special type of ad that helps to educate your customer about the services you provide and why you should patronise them.

However, quite often than not, retail signage is not done properly. Sometimes, this is due to the lack of expertise of the signage company or other underlying problems. Effective retail signage is like a jackpot and will certainly appeal to the attention of passersby or potential customers. Let’s take a look at the essential elements of retail signage.

Simple Colour Scheme.

This point can’t be emphasised enough but if you’ll be doing retail signage, keep the colour scheme as simple as possible. Being simple doesn’t mean that you stick to just two colours but make sure that any colours you would be using are complimentary of what’s in the store. The colour scheme should also pass a message about the organisation in question. The colour scheme also had to be consistent and create a smoother environment.

Keep the message clear.

When designing this signage, you have to ensure that you keep your message to the client simple. You don’t have to include your sales pitch in the signage. You can simply make use of graphics and catchphrases to draw the attention of the customer. But it’s important that the message is as clear as possible. It should clearly indicate what goods, products or services that you offer to your customers.


Lighting can be used to create different effects on retail signage. Bright lighting can give the whole sign a facelift but too much LED will just be considered a waste. Dim lighting may be good too but it shouldn’t be too dark. Regardless of the lighting used, it is important to ensure optimal lighting to reduce flares and glares.

Get personal with your signage.

Retail signage should be designed to appeal to the senses of each of your customers. The message should be designed such that it speaks directly to them, almost like a wake-up call. Let your signage be warm and welcoming and make use of personal pronouns such as “you or your”. It should sound like a friend speaking to another than anything formal. Keep the message casual and people will feel more inclined to deal with you.

Some wayfinding may be a good choice.

Regardless of the type and quality of products which you offer for sale, without directing customers to your shop, you would have stockpiles of untouched goods. By setting up your retail signage as a wayfinding one, your customers are able to easily locate you for business; purchase or sales. The purpose of this will help yo reduce frustration and improve the accessibility of your store.

Ensure the fonts aren’t too small.

This is oftentimes a common mistake with a lot of retail signage. The truth is that signage with small fonts can be difficult to read sometimes. It is difficult to read for older people and others with eye-related issues. Also, it can be a problem to read one when the lighting is poor. To ensure that your signs can be read easily, consider increasing it by at least 2 fonts. Changing the positioning and angle of the font are also good options to improve readability.